Frequently Asked Questions
How often is the site updated?
- Each month the site is updated with 3 to 4 new and exclusive model photo sets.
- Four BelAmi solo videos each month.
- Lucas Entertainment Megafeed updates daily

Are there full frontal images of all the models?
The main model index pages feature only FULL FRONTAL sets. Remember this is not primarily a porn site (although that definition is not very clear) and so the most important thing is that we stay true to the THE MALE FORM principle which is beautiful guys and NO CLOTHING. However we realize that if members are paying to join the site they expect a certain level of eroticism which is why we added the XXX-tras section which features hardcore content free for members.
(We removed all sets with implied nudity but may add them back in an archive section)

How explicit are the images?
They range from full frontal soft to full frontal erect and a small number of sets have some cum shots but this is rare and not the focus of these galleries. In the XXX-tras section we have some more explicit stuff like the PENIS PROJECT which has extreme close up images of the penis from flaccid to erect and ejaculation. There are even some solo masturbation videos there too. And of course there is all the BelAmi, and Lucas Entertainment content if you are looking for hardcore stuff.

What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell membership information to third parties. Everything is strictly confidential. We won't send out any emails to you unless you join the MAILING LIST which you can unsubscribe from anytime.

I would like to model for TheMaleForm. How do I go about it?
We have high standards as you can tell by looking at the models featured on this site. If you think you have what it takes to be included with these guys then go to the APPLY page for more details.

What size are the images?
For older sets there is a mixture of small (370x530px) and large (739x1055px) images. HOWEVER to the right of the models name is the "FLASH GALLERY LOGO" (for Dylan Rosser's shoots only) which will take you to a new window where all the images will resize up to 717x1024px depending on how big you open up your browser. Make sure you choose the SLIDESHOW option to get the biggest possible image size.
A small percentage of the very early work is at the small size.

How many images does each model have?
This varies depending on how much time the photographer had with the model and how the images came out. Each set will normally have about 10 to 20 images. A lot of work goes on after the shoot and some of the post-production can be quite time consuming. The aim is to rather have a smaller selection of quality images then a lot of mediocre stuff. If you are looking for 100's of photos of one models slowly stripping off and getting hard for the camera, then this is not the right site for you.

Why do some models seem to be missing sets?
(THIS ONLY APPLIES TO DYLAN ROSSER'S SETS) When Dylan shoots he tries to do a selection of different looks, i.e. some white background images, some with different lighting, etc. When organizing these images initially he assigns each "look" a different set letter, i.e. SET A, SET B, SET C, etc. However when it comes down to editing and retouching he might decide for some reason that one or more of the sets is not usable. Maybe there were not enough images to make a nice set, maybe the quality was not good, or the model did not look comfortable, even perhaps the model asked for that set not to be used. And sometimes those "missing" sets will get added at a later point.

How do I cancel my membership?
All memberships are handled by CCBill. When you join you will receive an email from them which should have details on how to cancel. If you have lost that email you can go to this link to manage and/or cancel your account:

Any other questions about the site then let us know...


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