Frequently Asked Questions
How often is the site updated?
This is now an ARCHIVE site. The join fee is a one off payment (not recurring), that gives you access to the huge collection of models and photo sets. Every now and then there might be some additional model sets added, but in general the only thing that will change each week or month is the Belami solo jerk off video.

Are there full frontal images of all the models?
The main model index pages feature only FULL FRONTAL sets. Remember this is not primarily a porn site (although that definition is not very clear) and so the most important thing is that we stay true to the THE MALE FORM principle which is beautiful guys and NO CLOTHING. However we realize that if members are paying to join the site they expect a certain level of eroticism which is why we added the Belami jerk off videos

How explicit are the images?
They range from full frontal soft to full frontal erect and a small sets have some cum shots.

What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell membership information to third parties. Everything is strictly confidential.

What size are the images?
All sets are 739x1055px, and some of the newer sets have a 1920x1200px wallpaper as a bonus.

How many images does each model have?
This varies depending on how much time the photographer had with the model and how the images came out. Each set will normally have about 10 to 20 images. A lot of work goes on after the shoot and some of the post-production can be quite time consuming. The aim is to rather have a smaller selection of quality images then a lot of mediocre stuff.

How do I cancel my membership or find my password?
This is not a subscription site and so there is no need to cancel anything (UNLESS YOU JOINED BEFORE NOVEMBER 2017) becasue you only pay a one time fee and no recuring payments. All memberships are handled by CCBill and you can retrieve your password or any other billing enquiries here:

Any other questions about the site then let us know...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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