This site was originally started by Dylan Rosser in April 2009. It was actually started many years before that, but that is when he combined all his sites into one and relaunched TheMaleForm as we know it today. The site was born out of frustration of having nowhere to show his work. There were no magazines, besides porn, that would publish full frontal photography and so his showcase website developed. Gradually he invited other photographers to be a part of it an he now has a bit more free time to work on his book projects and fine art prints. He currently has 3 published photobooks and the 4th one is due out at the end of the year.

"Professional photographer for 20 years. I specialize in fashion, fitness and artisitic nude. I enjoy traveling and working with models from around the globe. My goal is to create unique images that highlight the male physique and express the male spirit."

Michael Andrew is currently based in Columbus, OH and originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
"I have been shooting professionally for over 6 years, working with models exclusively for the last 3 years. The first half of my career started with me focused on shooting the strength and beauty of architecture, landscape, and nature of the areas i was in. I decided I wanted to bring my style of shooting into the modeling industry to showcase the male form and body in a different way then others."

Simon Barnes (also known as HOTSNAPZ) is an established photographer based in London. His work has been seen in many magazines and on covers, and encompasses fashion, fitness, and fine art. Known mainly for his studio work... although he is allowed out occasionally. He is proud to be associated with and looks forward to contributing new and exclusive models to the site.

"I am JayBee, a photographer living in Seattle, WA. My photography strives to bring out the essence of "playful living at every naked moment possible". I'm always exploring the brilliance that lives in both simplicity and color."

South Florida based male model photographer, Christian Berns specializes in catalog, fashion and marketing photography and is currently Creative Director at Aces Entertainment, Inc., a growing media production firm for small business. "When shot right, one photo on your website can do all the heavy lifting that paragraphs of sales copy demo video can't. I take a lot of pride shooting photos with a mission to tell a brand's story, attract it's target demographic and ultimately get them to click 'buy now'."

Through his photography, Marlen Boro creates a unique blend of playfulness and raw sexuality - men of all varieties - unapologetically proud of themselves. In addition to sharing photos of his exhibitionist model-friends (like Dutch), Mr. Boro provides intimate and discrete portraits for his ‘male boudoir’ clients - he promises that no request (whether vanilla or kinky) is off-limits. “Most of my clients are professionals who’ve worked hard on their bodies but can’t, for obvious reasons, be seen naked on blogs. By offering absolute discretion and a zone of relaxed non-judgment, we create stunning images that are treasured for decades.”

Calvin Brockington is a fashion, editorial and portrait photographer based in Dallas Texas. Originally from Deland Florida, he has been shooting professionally for about 4 years now. Mostly setting his sights on the beauty of the male form. His background is in Make up artistry, and is self taught, but wildly passionate, and inspired by the next beautiful body.

Leigh Carter is a self-taught photographer based on the South coast of England with a genuine passion for capturing the essence of male beauty. “Once armed with a few copies of Australia’s (not only) Blue back in 2000 and a copy of Greg Gorman’s ‘As I See It’, I was instantly inspired and then bound on a journey to start creating my very own beautiful imagery.”

Dot began his art career doing paintings under the mentorship of San Francisco artist Felix D'eon. All of this work was done with live models. Dot started taking photos to allow him to continue his work without the model. Somewhere along the line the photography work became more interesting than the painting, and Dot's love of photography began. Inspired by fine art photographers of the male nude like Dylan Rosser, Dot has been seriously pursuing photography for about 3 years. Dot's models are all San Francisco friends from Comfort & Joy (his Burning Man group) and the Radical Faeries. Dot had his first photography show last summer in the gallery space at Eros (a SF sex club). He is currently at work on his second show "Sons of God" which combines Catholic imagery from his strict religious upbringing with the freedom and beauty of gay men. The show is currently scheduled for April in San Francisco.

Ian has been established as a photographer/designer for 20 years. Initially trained as an illustrator before a sideways stepped into photography - initially to provide more choice in shots for use, but then a male nude charity calendar project found that the printers – a bunch of hairy arsed straight guys – commented “we should think it’s porn ‘coz it’s all full frontal...but we love the photographs! You mind if we pin it up next to the girlie ones in the factory?” It began his exploration of different people viewing the same shot, and defining their own take on ‘is it art, or is it porn?’ Does it tell YOU story? And 20 different viewers will create twenty different back stories for that picture. His work has been featured on the covers of QX, featured in AXM and DNA, and has been included in coffee table books published by Bruno Gmunder.

H2H-images is a self-taught artist based in Montreal who started with an interest in sketching and painting portraits and the male figure. To capture images to paint he began photography, which evolved into a passion. Photography now takes centre stage in his artistic expression.

Deon Jackson is a new photographer based in Florida. He purchased his first DSLR back in September of 2011 and has been shooting ever since. He mainly focuses on themed concepts and portraits.

London based Gabriel Jackson is new to Photography. His preference is Fashion & Male Glamour Photography.

Ethan started working with images in 2003 and began photography as a profession a couple of years later. He has been fortunate to work with excellent models and clients, and network with other creative minds. Some of his work has been featured in publications in the states and overseas: NY Arts, Doopler, Awaken, Guitar World, reFRESH, Flit, Instinct, AXN, Junior, and Bruno Gmunder photobooks. Ethan also holds a PhD in English, specializing in children's literature and film (horror), with publications on Tennessee Williams, Dexter, Supernatural, and cinema.

Based in Amsterdam, Gert Kist specialises in male glamour photography.

Essex based photographer & retoucher, Joe started his creative career by retouching for some of londons best photographers for over 5 years, before eventually deciding to pick up the camera himself. He focuses mainly in fashion and portrait photography and is currently putting a fashion magazine together called Ménenti which is due out late 2012 early 2013.

By day, Murray! is a Creative Director at one of the top advertising agencies in the USA. By night, Murray! points his camera at the most beautiful men in the world. Both afford him the opportunity to be creative at every opportunity. New to the photography scene, he is constantly fascinated by beauty, and happy to share it with the members of The Male Form.

Brenton is a Graphic Designer by profession who has a passion for photography instilled by his father who gave him his first camera while in high school. He has had two solo photography exhibitions, Shrouded in February 2011 and Freedom in February 2013. Influenced by his time as a surf lifesaver, being an amateur circus enthusiast and love of the beach, Brenton set about to capture the beautiful male bodies around him.

French photographer, based in Lyon (south east of France). Tom specialises in artistic nude male photography. All of his models have a different style, both pro or amateur. He likes to share time with his models, in their own environment to catch their sensitivity and spontaneity.

Living in Sydney, Paul Smollen is a photographer that shoots emerging music artists for a number of international music publications. Creatively inspired by the works of Karl Lagerfeld, James Huston and Dylan Rosser in capturing the male body, he now almost exclusively photographs males (the odd female does appear in his work). He is excited to be showcasing the beauty of the Australian man.

Thomas Synnamon is a New York based photographer with a passion for simple, yet bold, photography. Inspired by some of the greats, such as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paolo Roversi, and Steven Klein, Thomas Synnamon challenges himself to let his imagination prevail in the balance between creativity and technique. "My main work is fitness and fashion with a slightly edgy aspect, I enjoy experimenting with lighting to create some drama. A self-taught photographer, I approache every project with the same objective: to create something beautiful."


We only pay for exclusive images that have not been published before. The images need to be male nudes and NOT FASHION. There has to be some full frontal nudity as well. It is important that the images are of good quality and that the model is hot! Ideally we are looking for photographers that could contribute regularly to the site and that are from different parts of the world. Since Dylan Rosser and Simon Barnes both shoot in London we think we got the UK covered so it is really the rest of the world were we need more content from. Would be great to get some Australian and South American guys on the site.


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